The snake goddess speaks

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Dearly beloved.

The times are changing and you are awakening to your own true path. Remembering piece by piece who you are and where you came from. The ancient history is calling you to find inside yourself the time that has passed before, the times of prosperity and peace on earth that you have known all your life.

(she speaks of living in her time)
The healing was essential for us, and the care taking of all. We lived a kind of different life from what you live now. We were in deep connection with Mother Earth, honouring her, putting our roots deep into her – and we WERE her, and she was US – living in total harmony. We had a special connection and we were honoured for that.

We were ALL in connection with the elements and all the stars, throughout the whole of universe. Deep connected, knowing everything that was needed to be known.

Envoke the old, ancient mysteries of knowing. Feel them in your bones, feel them in your cells.


Be the Goddess that you are. All women are goddesses, creators of life. You have the ability to rule the world from the heart and from the womb, with peace in mind. With prosperity and abundance of Mother Earths great gifts.

You – the women and the men combined – together have the ability to change the world. But you need to remember who you are.

The healing abilities that you have inside needs to be acknowledged and used.

You are ALL divine.

(here I ask her about the snake)

The snake is a combined symbol of the circle, the spiral and the DNA that is awakening in you now. It is all combined and the medicine of the snake is ancient. The people on this earth have always known about this.
It goes deep down in the earth and high up in the sky. It is all connected through you.
You are the connection between high and low, black and white, masculine and feminine, heavy and light.

When you invoke the snake – you invite great power. The great power that lies within every soul, especially women – in their womb.
(här får jag en kundaliniresning)

Now you know what the Snake Goddess stands for. She who has the power within.
Walking the spiral in every step.
The spiral is infinity. The spiral is timeless. The spiral lives in you.
It goes through space and time, have bo borders, no beginning and no end.

I love you

I love you

I love you

You are all my daughters, my beautiful confused daughters, walking this earth knowing something on the inside that you can’t see with your eyes. But deep inside you know who you are.
You have had the knowledge since you were born. The knowledge that all in this world is an illusion.
You know the wisdom inside. You know the truth.
Now you can walk your own truth with the spiral inside of you.
Both your hands and your feet are initiated by the spiral – so everything you touch, everything you walk upon – transfer this energy from you, from Mother Earth and from the Universe.
You are a vessel – a carrier of deep healing.

I will leave you now, I thank you for visiting.
Thank you thank you thank you.